A bunch of kids from rural British Columbia united by their musical ambitions got together at Hazelton High School and decided to burn the world down with old school rock n roll style party music. And the rest, as they say, is Rock n Roll history…



  • James Dennis – Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar

A.K.A. Wolverine, originally from Iskut B.C. moved to Hazelton in his later days of high school. It was a sign that the planets where aligned. Now teamed in this super group, his musical/ writing talents can flourish.

  • Karl Wyssen – Bass

A musical chameleon is very good at adapting to any kind of instrument, or genre of music! On a side note, he is very afraid of chairs.

  • Gil Dennis – Drums

If any one person is the epitome of a drummer rocker, it’s this guy! Gilroy a.k.a. Licensed to Gil/ Gilicious/ Gilly Weed/ Regis Gilbin/ Mt. Gilimanjaro/ Gil Wyman/ Shoot to Gil/ Gilly the kid, is awesome!

Previous Beav:

  • Eli Larsen

Played the drums meaner then Hitler! But drums wasn’t where his heart was, writing songs, playing guitar and singing is where he belongs. We love Eli, but we will not hold him back. Long Live Rock n’ Roll!

Check out Eli’s band, The Racket!


  • Joe Daniels – Lead Guitar/ Vocals

Naturally gifted musician and a generally good guy,  Joe can play the guitar as naturally as he can breathe. And he is damn good at breathing!


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