Blind Vinyl Featured On Classic Rock Compilation

Put together by Karl Wyssen and Garrett Perry, the album is for sale for 10$ available in Prince George at 2nd Thoughts located Second and Brunswick, Studio 2880 on 15th ave and up at College radio station CFUR at the university above Thirty Moose. It can also be bought online here: and you can pay with Paypal here:

Here is a segment that Shaw channel ten did on it.

And an ad we made.

The song featured on the album is “Never Come Back” from the live Blind Vinyl album “The Road”.

New Video

Seeing has it’s been a while since we uploaded anything new to the interweb, I thought I’d open up the ol’ Blind Vinyl vaults, and see what’s what. I’ve decided to upload a cover song we played while on tour with Rachelle van zanten! The song? Pumped Up Kicks. Original artist? Foster The People. YouTube doesn’t like cover music, so I encourage you to re-upload this video a lot!

Oh where do we go now?

Upcoming Dates

Here is some of our upcoming dates. We will be playing in Ft. St. James at the Royal Canadian Legion on November 5th at 9 P.M. $10 admission. The a few days later we will be playing in Prince George at Nancy O’s November 7th. The event will be starting at 9 P.M. After that we are going to be competing in a battle of the bands in New Aiyansh at their Rec Center on November 12th at 9 P.M.

It is bound to be a most totally wicked bad awesome cool week! Gigs and parties aside, we are one busy group of people. Organizing us four people is next to impossible, seeing as we have to have jobs to support ourselves, and we live individual lives so sacrifices have to be made. We have been putting recording our album on hold, and we currently have no plans on when we will be getting to work on it. Good news on that subject is that we have more time to write the music for it, and it is very plausible that it will be happening in the near future… Maybe.

Our Time Is Now

Well as everybody should know by now, we never made it to Canada’s Got Talent, and after we stopped crying hysterically we realized we have to move on. So we have an upcoming date at Nancy O’s in P.G. on Nov. 7th. We are also going to have a radio interview when we are there and some other stuff is going down as well. We are also starting work on our 2nd studio album “Our Time is Now”

Keep on rocking in the free world!

Rocked it!

We rocked Canada’s Got Talent! Now it’s a waiting game until Oct 15th to find out if we made it to the next step, then November 8th and 9th are the filmed auditions in front of the judges! So you know what that means! Fundraising for our second trip down to Van! That gives us a little more then a month to get enough funds!

Off To Vancouver!

Well the moment and a half that we’ve been waiting for is coming up fast! Of course we talk about our Canada’s Got Talent audition! As I write this, it is 2 days away! It is our shot as it is many, but we are not going to let that get in our way.

We would like to endlessly thank all the people who made the trip possible! If it wasn’t for you, we would be sitting around in Kitwanga with our thumbs up our asses. So THANK YOU x1,000,000! We will try our hardest to not let you down!

If you get in with the right bunch of fellows, people see you having fun just a-lying in the sun. Tell them that you like it this way!

Fundraiser Success!

Success! We rocked all night, and them some! It was a slow start, but things really got bopping. We fund raised close to a thousand dollars for our trip to Vancouver! Canada’s Got Talent here we come!

Before the gig at 10 P.M. we also shot our first music video all day! We got most of the footage we need down, all we need now is some shots of the band rocking out! We will be working on that soon after we come back from Vancouver!

Thank you for you are all Children of the sea!

Fundraiser for our Canada’s Got Talent audition!

On September 10th, Blind Vinyl will be playing at Gitwangak Hall at 10 P.M. until 2 A.M.! It is destined to be a most bodacious, most triumphant, most non heinous time! So you better be there!

Spread the word!

More details coming soon!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! Our website was down but now everything is super cool again! We just got back from playing in Ft. St. James and are now officially legends there! We partied so hard that James got thrown in the drunk tank. He wouldn’t give the cops his real name telling them he was “Wolverine!”

Good times all round, and we hope to be back to play Music On he Mountain again!