Upcoming dates:

To be announced.

Previous dates:

  • Smithers – Bulkley Valley Expedition

2011, August 26th at 8 P.M.

We opened for Digging Roots, and after the show we chilled for a bit, and traded C.D.s. The said that they would pass one on to a Toronto radio station! Score! They autographed their C.D.s for us, and we even signed some of our C.D.s for some fans! Hell yeah!

  • Ft. St. James – Music on the Mountain Festival

2011, August 27th at 4 P.M.

After our Smithers gig, we went home to sleep for a couple ours, but by 7 A.M. we were on the road. This was the first gig we played so early, but it might just have been our best set yet!


  • Gitwangak – Gitwangak Hall

2011, September 10th at 10 P.M.

This was the day we shot the Big Bad Wolf music video! It almost killed us, then we had the longest gig yet, party rocking a dance! T’was a magical night! Even Joe with his brother Revered Halleluiah Jackson did a set with Blind Vinyl doing their party songs! And we fund raised almost a thousand dollars towards our trip to Vancouver for our Canada’s Got Talent audition!


  • Canada’s Got Talent audition!

2011, September 20th at 8 A.M.

We kicked ass, but they never called us back. We slipped through the cracks of awesomeness. We cried hysterically for weeks.


  • Ft. St. James – Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 268, Fort St. James, BC

November 5th at 9 P.M. $10 admission.


  • Prince George – Nancy O’s

November 7th at 9 P.M.


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  1. Awesome guys….searching to find out what time you’re playing in Fort St James and found your new website. Hope to drive with Garth from PG on Saturday to see you play…and pick some huckleberries on the way up! Mixing work with play! Safe travels.

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